Tuesday, July 21, 2009

General thoughts at the end of the day.

Here it is at 2:17 am. I am listening to the tv as I sit and write what is on my mind. I sit and watch the news and I listen to those that are in the media talk about the events of the times and what they feel is taking place. Can they not see, or are they afraid to say what is really taking place? Time is running out as the world groans in pain. There are wars, sickness, death, Earthquakes, fires, floods, storms, droughts etc, etc, and this is a normal day these days. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Do you not know what is going on? The Bible teaches us these things will take place when the Son of man is ready to return. For the love of your eternal soul wake up and smell the coffee. You know that time is running out but instead of falling on your face and begging for forgiveness you keep right on (as it has been said as of late) throwing things against the wall hoping, praying that something will stick and work out for you, when all the time the one thing that needs to be done goes on without even so much as as second thought. God teaches us through His word that those who will humble themselves and call Him by name will be saved and He will hear them and heal their land. So who among us will humble themselves? I am working on it. Honest I am working on it.

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