Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The state of health care in the United States

We now (2010) have health care as law in this country. Things are starting to come out of the cracks in what was passed. Nancy Palosi said that the bill needed to be passed then we would know what was in it.

Well it has passed. Here is what we know so far.

  • The president has his own private army now. The national Guard is now under the control of the president. I have talked to some people and have heard that the president has always had control. Sorry. The Govenor of each state had control of their own National Guard. Well now IF we are not at war the national Guard is under the control of the White House.
  • There are ways out of the health care bill if you do not wish to partake in it. Religous is one of them that I am aware of. If by chance you are Muslim you can opt out of the health care bill as your faith sees it as gambling. So.....It would seem that the Government is going to make it easy to be a Muslim and hard to be Christian or for that matter any other faith other than Muslim. The one thing that this will make happen is that it will drive people to the faith even if they do not believe in it simply to save money.
  • The health care bill also includes a section on implantable class 1 and class 2 devices. Do I hear the echos of RFID chips? It also talks about a national database and registery for these devices. Remember there is a difference between injectable and implantable. My wife pointed this out to me and reminded me of this fact and I am so gratful to her for doing so. Thank you Honey.

As I find out more I will post. If by chance you do not hear from me again.. 1 of 2 things have taken place. Either the givernment has decided to do away with my kind as I do not agree with their agenda or God has decided to take me out of here. Either way I will be taken care of permanetly.